Would you like to have the same comfort as a motorcycle equipped with a cardan shaft or a belt?
With the OSCO chain oiler it's possible!

  • Convenient

  • Ease of use

  • Economic

  • Beautiful

  • ~ 6000 Km

  • Biodegradable oil

While riding at a footpace speed just pull out the plunger of the OSCO, it will do its job in the next 7 to 10 seconds and will keep your chain in optimal condition for the next 300 kilometres (on average). During every lubricating action the OSCO equally delivers 2 cl oil on the chain. This means that with an 80% filling you can drive about 6000 kilometres.

The OSCO saves the environment by

  • Efficient use of oil (small doses, only applied to the chain, not a drop gets waste)
  • Avoidance of wasteful and rather expensive, CO2 emitting spray cansUse of 100
  • percent biodegradable oil

* Depending on riding style and weather conditions

Don't let this happen anymore !

Are you tired of lubrificating your chain all the time? Install the OSCO Chain Lubricator. Lubricating your motorcycle chain is a time-consuming job (especially on motorcycles without a central stand). For this reason, a Dutch motorcycle dealer (MOTO FIT veenendaal) has developed a trouble-free lubrication system that can be easily installed on any motorcycle.